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  Shirley Wilson - Videos  (click on pictures to view a sample of the video)

Shirley's New DVDs!

We are thrilled with Shirley's two new DVDs and believe you will be too! That right jolly old elf Santa and Shirley's babies playing in the Christmas tree boughs will whisk you away to a place where painting is fun and relaxing. Both DVDs give you a front row seat into Shirley's casual painting style, really a better look than you could ever even get in person. Unless you were standing right over here, and that makes her nervous. And a little twitchy. You won't be disappointed and, in fact, we think you'll be happily entertained from start to finish.

In this update you'll find new packets from Shirley and our talented friend Bobbie Takashima, plus some of our favorite designs from days gone by that had been out of print and unavailable. Until now. There are close to 30 wonderful paintings waiting for you to discover them. Have fun!

Love Lights The World
Join Shirley as she paints this pleasant looking santa in her casual style.
Is he checking his list, or looking up that recipe for sugar cookies? Hmm...
Qty: Price: $34.95

Mischief & Magic
What happens in your Christmas tree after you've gone to sleep?
Tune in and find out as you experience a wonderful painting adventure with these charming little ones.
Qty: Price: $34.95

Shirley's videos have been very well received by the painters who have purchased them. You can view a short sample by following the links below and being patient for the short time it takes the video clip to download.

Snuggle Inn - VHS Format (US & Canada)
Qty: Price: $29.95
(Click here to view a sample of the video)

Snuggle Inn - PAL Format (Europe & Australia)
Qty: Price: $29.95

We are especially excited about the two new videos from Shirley. For many years we have received requests from painters who wanted Shirley to do a video so they could see how she gets such a nice, soft look to her paintings. Now she has done two and we think you will find them both instructive and entertaining!

Santa & the Frost Fairy - DVD Format (US & Canada)
Qty: Price: $29.95
(Click here to view a sample of the video)

Santa & the Frost Fairy - PAL Format (Europe & Australia)
Qty: Price: $29.95

"A gentle word, like summer rain,
may soothe the heart and banish pain.
What joy or sadness often springs,
from just the simple, little things.
- Willa Hoey

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